Stirling Alba Cabs (Scotland)

Terms & Conditions @ Stirling Alba Cabs Limited

When you make a booking with us your information which includes Name, Address, Phone Number email address will be stored on our system, as we are a licensed operator, and we have to maintain record of all bookings we take.

  • All hires within Stirling council areas are based on Tariff set by Stirling council.
  • Any hire from out with Stirling council area is based on prices quoted and accepted and are not based on Tariff set by Stirling Council.

Hires booked for pickups which are out of city area we will require a prepayment in order to confirm your booking for that you will be quoted a fix price for the fare and booking will only be confirmed if price is accepted by the customer. Pre-Payment can be made by a secure link which can be sent to you via a text message on your mobile phone.

Pre-paid hire is fully refundable provided a booking is cancelled before a vehicle is dispatched for pickup. If a taxi is already dispatched and is on the way, then a partial refund may be allowed depending on the pick-up location and how far taxi has travelled. If a pre-booked taxi has already arrived at your pickup location for your booking and is cancelled or not required anymore then you will be charged for mileage it has covered to travel to your pickup location and any waiting time at pickup location.

App bookings for ASAP are based on availability of vehicles, if a vehicle is available, it will be dispatched immediately otherwise office will inform you by calling on your mobile phone about the availability of earliest vehicle.

App bookings made using payment method as credit/debit card will hold slightly more money than estimated Fare price and then will adjust based on actual fare metered at the end of journey. Any Fix priced fare journeys will only hold the money from your card what is quoted to you at the time of booking unless there is change of destination.

  • All our vehicles operate no eating, drinking and smoking policy.
  • For hires going out of Stirling city area our drivers may ask for money upfront by cash or credit card.
  • We only accept guide and assistance dogs in our vehicles.
  • All our cars are equipped with a card reader which enables customer to pay their fare by card however for hires going out of Stirling city area our drivers may ask for payment upfront.